Introducing coding and robotics to kids can be intimidating for educators and parents alike. We locally support a selection of interactive, game-oriented resources that make learning these 21st-century skills fun and exciting for children of all ages.


Computational Thinking World (First in Math)

First in Math's new Computational Thinking/Intro to Coding World is a fun and exciting way for students to start thinking like programmers! This engaging module helps introduce and solidify many foundational skills that are prerequisite for coding.


Exploring Robotics

K-12 Pathway of robots utilized by a growing number of schools nationwide. Comprehensive curricula and alignments to standards ensures effective classroom implementation.



A fun and educational game environment where students learn to code in a real text-based programming language. By learning how to write code early in life, students are able to build a foundation for success in the 21st century!



Puzzlets is an award-winning ed-tech platform which combines hands-on play with interactive gaming to teach STEAM principles to the youngest students.



Utilizes advanced humanoid robotics to improve academic performance and quality of life for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Meet Milo the robot and see firsthand how he manages to affect positive change in students on the spectrum!



Comprehensive curriculum + plug-and play robot maximizes classroom engagement and makes STEM learning a blast for students of all ages!


SAM Labs

SAM Labs delivers curriculum-aligned lesson plans and projects, an intuitive visual, flow-based coding app , as well as a versatile technology (SAM blocks) that can be used across a variety of subject areas. Compatible with LEGOs!