Exploros drives student engagement, transitions classrooms to student-centered learning, and empowers teachers to guide instruction while personalizing the classroom learning experience.


Increase Student Engagement

In some classrooms, there simply isn’t time to allow many students to share thoughts and perspectives. But, with Exploros, all students are able to participate in the classroom learning experience.

Improve State Test Scores

In the first case study for OER powered by Exploros, the pilot school managed to achieve a 24% increase in satisfactory scores on the STAAR assessment and a 77% improvement compared to the average gain of all schools across the state! Read the case study.

Implement 5E Model Instruction

With Exploros, your school can more easily implement rich instructional approaches: 5E model lessons with peer interaction, organized into complete courses aligned to learning standards. Students collaborate, work in small groups, complete social graphic organizers, discuss, write, draw and complete embedded assessments.

Save Teacher Preparation Time

Teachers no longer need to spend time hunting for resources and curating materials! Exploros's curriculum is organized into full courses, with 135 lessons per grade per subject. Simply choose what you want to teach and assign it to your students.

Get a New Level of Classroom Data

Exploros gives educators new insights into classroom activity to improve learning outcomes by continually measuring student engagement, progress, and assessment mapped to learning objectives.

2018-19 Maryland Middle School Social Studies Brochure