First in Math is a giant, virtual world of fun for K-6 students to grow into THE NEXT GENERATION OF THINKERS!!!! Hope you find that novel starting point to an Educational Technology conversation as captivating as we do.

How would we expect students to Learn to Love Math, and be Energized into "DEEP PRACTICE" of Math, without being fun?"

As students explore this huge online playground, fluency naturally increases with basic facts, double digit operations, decimals, fractions, integers, measurement and word problems. Participating schools report: "Our students have become much more teachable."

Please contact us if you would like to receive a preview of First in Math, including access to a free student account and/or 20-minute guided tour!

New for 2018-19

First in Math releases an entire world of activities to help develop Computational Thinking Skills.

*Computational Thinking refers to the ability to understand a complex problem by simplifying it, and creating a step-by-step plan to solve it. This style of thinking is a fundamental 21st-century skill, playing a central role in computer science as well as many other modern fields of study.

First in Math's new CT World is included FREE as part of the standard First in Math license, or, available at a reduced standalone rate.