The "Next Generation" coding and programming experience


Meet Jett, the advanced plug-and play robot designed to teach students of all ages how to code

RoboKind's robots4STEM program is the high-tech solution for making STEM learning a blast! Students will experience the thrill of teaching their robot how to walk, wave, smile and more. And with an avatar that looks just like the robot available for students to code 24/7, robots4stem helps increase student interest in coding during non-school hours.


Jett's visit to Cedar Hills’ Permenter Middle School in Texas results in a wave of excitement among sixth & seventh grade students ... read more


Key benefits of robots4STEM include:

  • Students learn programming through the use of a personalized avatar and Jett, the most advanced, facially-expressive robot.
  • robots4STEM creates unlimited access and opportunity for developing fundamental coding and programming skills.
  • Easy to implement and does not require educators to have prior experience with coding or programming.
  • Ease of use creates flexibility of scheduling within or outside the instructional day