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Unlock students' creative and problem-solving potential with an immersive hands-on STEM learning experience


SAM Labs delivers curriculum-aligned lesson plans and projects, an intuitive visual, flow-based coding app (easily tailored for any classroom or ability level), as well as a versatile technology that can be used across a variety of subject areas: easy-to-install, wireless Bluetooth SAM Blocks that are made to last! Compatible with Mac, iOS, Android, Windows and Chromebook.


Discovering the fun in coding and creating

SAM Labs seamlessly connects software and hardware with lesson plans and makes learning accessible, experimental, interactive and fun. The wireless Bluetooth SAM blocks and app are simple and easy to use -- a perfect solution for non-techincal teachers.

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Bring LEGO® to life in your classroom!

SAM blocks were designed to work in conjunction with other products to bring new functionality and depth of learning. LEGO® connector blocks included with every SAM Labs kit allow for straightfoward integration with all sensors and motors.