School 21 is a newer online math resource that Grades 6 - Algebra 1 students enjoy, teachers find easy to manage, and participating schools are reporting significantly improved student performance.


Standards-Aligned Courses & Diagnostics

School 21's comprehensive solution is designed from the ground up to address the Common Core Math Standards and includes Full-Year Courses, Refresher Courses for extra support, Diagnostics to identify gaps, and State-Specific Solutions

School 21's key features include:

  • Fast and easy classroom implementation
  • ELL support for over 100 foreign languages
  • Browser based platform (BYOD)
  • Multiple forms of answer entry tools … not just multiple choice
  • Motivational points, levels and badges accrue as proficiency and excellence develop
  • Reasonably priced for both targeted + universal audiences

School 21 enables teachers to create blended-learning classrooms: A place where technology-based learning experiences combine with human-to-human interactions. This creates the richest possible learning experience for students.