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Empower students to learn and play the timeless game of Chess on the world’s #1 Chess site for kids! ChessKid provides learning tools to keep kids motivated and improve their Chess skills. More importantly, Chess teaches students invaluable life skills, including strategy, tactics, creativity, perseverance and calculated risk-taking.

For Kids and Parents

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ChessKid is safe. ChessKid is fun. ChessKid will keep your kid motivated to learn and improve chess skills.

Featuring star-awarding tools like Puzzles and Fast Chess, ChessKid provides encouragement to kids, even through the natural growing pains of learning the challenging game of chess.

Additionally, ChessKid’s “Levels” system keeps kids striving to up their level at all times. You will notice immediate differences in their over-the-board results!

For Teachers And Schools

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Offering far more than simple chess coaching, provides the most advanced tracking and measurement tools currently available in the chess software industry.

Teachers new to the game and schools just starting their programs now can quickly and accurately assess whether students are getting better at chess.

For teachers in states working with the Common Core, ChessKid also boasts the world's first (and only) vertically-aligned chess curriculum!

New Research Concludes Chess may be Beneficial In Younger Grades!

The preliminary findings of a recent multi-year study indicate that chess instruction may improve student performance, especially amongst younger students. While numerous research studies have been conducted with chess and children, this is the first rigorous longitudinal study in the U.S. in some time.

This study was conducted by researchers at Tennessee Tech and the University of Alabama in conjunction with Alabama Chess in Schools.

JUMPING KNIGHTS:  Knights are fun because they are the only piece that can jump. But how high?!

JUMPING KNIGHTS: Knights are fun because they are the only piece that can jump. But how high?!

Why ChessKid?

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Safe for Kids

  • No personal info

  • Restricted chat

  • Activity reports and monitoring

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Optimized for School Chess Programs

  • Engaging online curriculum

  • Easy to manage clubs/classrooms

  • Student chess report cards

  • Organize tournaments

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Makes Coaching Easy

  • Manage students and clubs

  • Organize tournaments

  • Review student games and progress

  • Content supports coaching

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