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A PreK-12 Pathway of robots utilized by a growing number of schools nationwide.


A robot for all STEM students

Supercharge any STEM classroom with exciting robots and comprehensive curricula for every grade level. From elementary students being introduced to coding, to seniors preparing for college, there is a perfect robot for every purpose.


Get students excited about learning

Exploring Robotics makes it possible for educators to significantly boost engagement in the classroom and turn students' excitement into a passion for learning

Exploring Robotics is affordable!

An economical way to engage students in STEM! Class sets are available for 20 to 30 students; includes robots, curriculum, PD, and accessories. Moreover, CTE, STEM, Title, or QZAB funding can be used, and the robots can be reused for subsequent years!


For inquiries or to schedule a free consultation, please call Mark Losey at 412-400-0932 or send us a message.