Count the moments that shape special needs children®

Track symptoms and Behaviors at the click of a button

mytaptrack® is a click-touch button platform for tracking the symptoms and behaviors of children with special needs. One click, two clicks or holding a click sends a message through the cloud to a HIPAA & FERPA-compliant secure online platform where behavior data can be charted and shared.

Share knowledge between parents, Teachers and doctors

With mytaptrack®, real-time data notifications are sent to a student’s support team of parents, teachers and doctors, providing a smart way to share knowledge and ensure that every child has the best opportunity to succeed in their educational experience and life.

Help students succeed in the classroom and beyond

Every child deserves an inspired future, and children with special needs are no exception. mytaptrack® helps ensure students’ success by including them in the classroom experience, providing insights into their behaviors, and facilitating the sharing of accurate data between parents, schools and doctors in real time.


Please contact us to learn more about mytaptrack® and explore the possibilities for your school or district!