What are local educators saying about School 21?


Allegany County Public Schools, Westmar MS, Math Teacher:

“I have found School 21 to be a real asset when it comes to preparing students for statewide assessments. The content lines up nicely with our required curriculum. I use it throughout the year to review and revisit previously-taught material. Students are challenged and they are able to see problems presented in a format similar to those encountered on state tests. I recommend School 21 as a valuable supplemental resource.”

Allegany County Public Schools, Mountain Ridge HS, Math Teacher:

“My students get really excited when using School 21. They are motivated and enjoy the self-pacing of the program. Students especially like the instant feedback. This is wonderful resource for every level of student!!!”

Plain Local Schools, Oakwood MS, Grade 8 Math & Algebra Teacher:

  • "The School 21 Math program is used at Oakwood Middle School as a supplemental resource to accompany a textbook."
  • "Our students LOVE learning with School 21 Math!!"
  • "The testing component is great for Middle-School-aged kids; also, the format is very similar to Ohio State Testing."
  • "School 21 creates more incentive to work toward mastery because the students can see their progress."
  • "The alignment is perfect in terms of categorization and pacing."
  • " Parents LOVE School 21! They utilize the step-by-step videos to support their children and help them as they learn."
  • "School 21 Math is used with students three days per week and is assigned as homework. We have found this to be an excellent resource for mastery of learning."

Keystone Oaks School District, KOHS, Math Teacher:

“School 21 is the most engaging program that we have used for Algebra I remediation.”

West Shore School District, Algebra 1 Teacher:

“I love School 21 Math! It is a great program and I highly recommend it. It is user-friendly and the company is great to work with. The program is aligned with Keystone exam and has so much to offer. You will need to see it to fully understand what it can do for your students.”

West Shore School District, Special Education Teacher:

"Our school is in its third year of using School 21 to assist in preparation for the Algebra Keystone. The program is broken out into concepts and assigns due dates to each piece. This is an excellent component as it helps students to improve their time management skills."

"Students get immediate feedback as to whether their answer is correct or incorrect. An invaluable piece to School21 is that students have access to explanations for every problem, both written out and through a YouTube video provided by School 21. With the resources built into the program, students are able to work on this not only in the classroom, but at home as well."

"In addition to providing assistance with Algebra concepts, we have seen students’ confidence improve and now try to complete problems that they traditionally skipped over. School 21 has been a huge help!"

Livingston Parish Public Schools, Maurepas High School, Math Teacher:

“The School 21 Math program presents students with the opportunity to experience rigorous questions which increase in difficulty from skill to application levels, immediate academic feedback with detailed procedural instruction, questions which are presented in online standardized test question formats, and the thrill of learning and climbing the ladder of success.”

Chambersburg Area, Mathematics Supervisor:

  • "Students like the points/motivational piece ... they like the instant feedback."
  • "Teachers like the ease of setup compared to other programs."
  • "Teachers see this as a great tool to help students who have to retake Keystone."
  • "Learning Support teacher is using School 21 to create a Math 6 course to help 9th graders."
  • "Middle school parents appreciated it being offered as a support to help for test retakers."
  • "School 21 is a valuable remediation tool, we are continually monitoring usage and progress."
  • "We now have data to show positive impact with School 21."

Allegany County Public Schools, Math Teacher, Westmar MS:

“"At the beginning of the year, the reviews give students the opportunity to hone prior skills taught. I appreciate the ability to enter the "Student Version" of the class. It enables me the ability to model problems and show students how to navigate the website with ease. The individual units make it easy to assign an area of focus that relates to the current curriculum taught in the classroom. Mastery levels of green and violet give students both short term and long term goals to achieve throughout the year."

"The videos with interaction between a teacher and student are a good resource for students and parents to use at school or at home. While the explanations provided for each problem give students an immediate opportunity to self-assess, realize mistakes and learn from them as they continue to practice said skill. Finally, if you have any concerns, the feedback tab is easy to use and School 21 representatives provide a quick and informative feedback anytime you submit a concern about a problem.”

Allegany County Public Schools, Math Teacher, Braddock MS:

“I have been using School 21 to review topics that we are currently learning. I ask that all students reach Mastery before the test for those topics and give an approximate date. I record scores for complete (20 points), incomplete (10 points), or not attempted (0 points). These scores helped many students' marking period grade. The students enjoy working at their own pace and the break from instruction to process the content. I plan to have students return to the assignments to obtain Excellence beginning in February to review for PARCC, beginning with the oldest content first.”

Allegany County Public Schools, Math Teacher, Braddock MS:

“I am a seventh grade math teacher and a big fan of School 21. As I complete a unit of study in math, I am able to go to the site and match up review samples and some that are more challenging for the stronger students. Kids love the challenge and compete with classmates to master the various topics. The questions are written similar to our unit and end of year assessments and are great tools for my students.”

Allegany County Public Schools, Math Teacher, Braddock MS:

“School 21 has been a great addition to my curriculum this year. The students have been working hard and are eagerly working to get on the leader board hung in my classroom. I have challenged them to reach excellence for each topic in the first unit. I have had several students reach excellence in each topic in the first unit. I look forward to seeing the students’ progress throughout the year. ”

Allegany County Public Schools, School Improvement Specialist, Braddock MS:

"I like to use School 21 for Math 6 because the problems are challenging and connected to our curriculum. I believe the refresher courses are a great way to review at the beginning of the school year. The refresher courses are also a good way to assess which students know the prerequisite skills."

Allegany County Public Schools, Math Teacher, Washington MS:

“I introduced School 21 around mid-term to all of my students. I have encouraged them to use it at home. It is a very good program and I plan to use it more in the future. Also, the students seem to like it.”

Allegany County Public Schools, Math Teacher, Fort Hill HS:

"My students love that it is okay to get a question wrong, because they can easily earn it back with the mastery bar."

Allegany County Public Schools, Math Teacher, Mountain Ridge HS:

"School 21 has been a great way for students to supplement classroom instruction. They can work at their own pace, receive immediate feedback and track their progress. The videos are great review for students and parents who want to help their students at home."

Allegany County Public Schools, Math Teacher, Mount Savage MS:

"We use School 21 regularly in the classroom and as a resource for math practice at home. My group of students are using the site in two ways, one as a review of material that was covered either last year or at the beginning part of the year and second way as a in class assignments. My middle school students love the fact they can do math on their own phones, tablets, iPads, etc. anytime and anywhere they have internet service."