The first evidence-based academic language learning platform to deliver significant outcomes

overcome the academic language barrier

Academic language is the single greatest barrier to success for so many students. Without it, students cannot access texts or adequately participate in class discourse and projects, and they consequently fall behind. Speak Agent offers a powerful solution to ensure that students are equipped to overcome this barrier, and empower teachers to deliver effective Content and Language Integrated Learning while monitoring student progress.

Speak Agent is Proven to accelerate concept mastery

Speak Agent is the first evidence-based solution for academic language learning to deliver significant outcomes and is capable of delivering results with just 15 to 30 minutes per week! An independent NSF study found that Speak Agent accelerated concept mastery by more than 3X.


Apply the latest learning science to your own curriculum!

Speak Agent content aligns directly to your curriculum! Co-designed by teachers and experts, Speak Agent offers a uniquely flexible solution for delivering academic language learning strategies and supports for STEM, language arts, social studies, life skills, and career education.

Engage and monitor students in personalized paths to mastery.

Speak Agent supports differentiated instruction, personalized learning paths, and engages students of all ages with game-based learning. It also provides critical realtime data for learning measurement, monitoring, and evidence with zero data entry. All data and portfolio items are automatically captured by the game-based academic language learning activities.


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