Grades K-6

First in Math

First in Math energizes students into DEEP PRACTICE leading to improved fluency, computational thinking, and mathematical thinking.

Grades 6-8 + Algebra


School 21 is an engaging, easy-to-implement online math resource for Grades 6-8 and HS Algebra students. Key features include support for over 100 languages and state-specific courses for test preparation.


Grades K-8


Socrates is a revolutionary learning platform that dynamically adjusts to the individual needs of each student, utilizing artificial intelligence to create personalized learning paths, track progress across thousands of categories at once, and challenge students to meet their maximum potential.

Grades PK-2

Alive Studios

A perfect fit for Kindergarden-level mathematics as well as Special Education, Alive Studios harnesses the engaging power of Augmented Reality to make learning an absolutely unforgettable experience for students!