Engaging online resource for Grades 6-8 through Algebra

School 21 offers an easy and effective way to keep students engaged and growing all year long. Teachers love it because it is so easy to manage, and participating schools are reporting significant improvement in student performance!

Standards-Aligned Courses & Diagnostics

School 21's comprehensive solution is designed from the ground up to address the Common Core Math Standards and includes Full-Year Courses, Refresher Courses for extra support, Diagnostics to identify gaps, and State-Specific Solutions

Key features include:

  • Fast and easy classroom implementation

  • ELL support for over 100 foreign languages

  • Browser based platform (BYOD)

  • Multiple forms of answer entry tools … not just multiple choice

  • Motivational points, levels and badges accrue as proficiency and excellence develop

  • Reasonably priced for both targeted and universal audiences

School 21's unique solution enables teachers to create world-class blended-learning classrooms, where the best technology-based learning experiences are combined with the best human-to-human interactions to create rich learning experiences for students.

Introductory Pilot Opportunity: Educators who would like to experience the benefits of School 21 Math firsthand are invited to try it with their students FREE through January 2020. To get started, please complete a School 21 Free Access Request form.